Gracie Joyce, Artist

 Gracie Joyce is a self taught artist, that simply never stopped colouring from childhood.

Through traumatic experiences beginning early in her childhood, when words were too hard to communicate, she would use shapes, colours and forms, as a safe means of expressing and interpreting thoughts and feelings that had never felt safe to express before


Gracie had a lifetime of suffering the diagnosis of various afflictions; addiction, anxiety, panic attacks, bipolar, severe depression with psychotic episodes, schizophrenic symptoms, that eventually led her to such desperation, she was suicidal on a daily basis, with several suicide attempts. 

In her story, art was her saving grace.

As a child, when she was terrified and rarely spoke, because life was too painful to speak about, her lips fell silent.  Her paintings, however, could scream and cry for her, and the paintings became very loud.


Her art work became healing, not only for herself, but also for others as she integrated what was helping her heal into a technique she refers to as, "Paint by Spirit".  She says it's as if the paintings actually paint themselves, speaking to her, revealing messages of the Universal Spirit.

Gracie translates what she hears and sees into words and images. The paintings speak a language of Grace, Love, Hope and unconditional acceptance for All That Is and ever Was. She embodies the Divine Feminine in her work and it permeates her life in profound and beautiful ways. 

Completely Free from all the afflictions she suffered in her childhood, Gracie now resides peacefully in South Carolina, sharing her ministry of images and words.  She has created this special line of prints and originals, available for purchase in her online shop.