Calling in the BUFFALO

The Buffalo is about courage and strength. The Buffalo Totem is for assistance in heralding our success and abundance!

I have noticed a wall of fear surrounding my own personal success.

I have many beliefs that I need to do something I don't want to do in order to make money or be successful in life. I also have beliefs that it won't be easy to be successful and that I am not cut out for greatness. I have this fear of failing after I succeed.

This painting is about calling in the support, strength and courage to succeed and be abundant. It really is terrifying to step into our true place of wellness, prosperity and all the good things in life.

I think sometimes, out of the goodness of their hearts, people in our lives can actually train us not to get our hopes up. Prepare us for the worst case scenario, or in their best intentions, warn us about how we could be screwing everything up. There is a belief that people need to be protected from the 'let down' of failure.

I have been considering all of this as I launch into my entrepreneurial version of self. I am coming to realise that there is no such thing as failure. Really, what if there was no way to ever fail at anything? What if it all is just continuously leading us to the next highest desire we have been dreaming of? I can't know what this whirlwind success will look like, maybe it looks just like this. Maybe it looks like days where all I do is clean the bathroom and make dinner. Maybe it looks like days that I am noticing a ton of self doubt and insecurity.

There really is no way any of it "should" look, however my brain seems to have this built in flashing red light "you are doing it all wrong" warning alarm that likes to go off pretty randomly and sometimes loudly. Usually it is just this underlying anxiety that seems to loom in the silent spaces.

So I like to take moments and just ask myself, what if this is what it looks like, when dreams are coming true? What if I really just enjoy this moment, exactly as it is, knowing that this is what it looks like when success is here. Can success already be here, even before what I consider a 'successful result' is manifested?

I am realising it can. Success is already here. I am successfully sitting next to my cat listening to him snore. He is successfully being a cat today. I am successfully being a human today. My heart is successfully beating. My ears are successfully hearing his snore. He is successfully snoring. My hands are successfully writing the words I am hearing inside my head and this computer is successfully transferring them to this page which you are successfully reading! Wow. This Buffalo Medicine is no Joke. It's already successfully bringing success in so many ways!

Today, I give thanks for the multitude of success all around me! In fact, thank you that everything in my atmosphere is successful!

What have you learned about your own personal success? How have you overcome and persevered adversity as you pursued your dreams coming true?

I love to hear from you. Please feel free to comment below or message/chat with me here.

Love, Gracie

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