Consciously Connecting with Creativity

Have you noticed the difference between creating when you are 'connected' and when you aren't?

Painting for me is a full body, mind and spirit activity. It is about connecting with a higher intelligence, Spirit or the higher self within me, and asking or allowing it to paint through me.

When I am in deep pain or anxiety, many times, I am deeply connected. It is when I have hit a wall and the only thing I can do is surrender to this greater grace.

It is when all is going really well in my life, or I am riding the current and not aware, that sometimes I can show up and very quickly realise that I am coming from this place that feels superficial. It just feels , meh. It is this shallow following the motions and unsatisfying.

Those moments are the perfect moments to pause and consciously connect. I believe we are always connected, it is whether or not I am conscious of it, and I need to become conscious of my connection regularly to be well.

Many of you know of my dabbles with sever depression and psychotic episodes, and to maintain my sobriety and wellness, connecting to this power of good is truly essential.

I find a daily practice of yoga connects me to my body and meditation truly keeps my mind functioning in a high capacity of well being. Connecting with my creativity is also a daily practice.

In fact it is a momentary practice.

I am constantly creating new thoughts and creating which thought paths I will follow. Those streams of thoughts dictate my day and my life experience.

As I connect before I sit down to paint, I can ask that higher intelligence that is connected through all things to guide me. I ask that intelligence to paint through me, to write through me, to speak through me and act through me. I am one with the painting.

As I fully surrender my day to that higher intelligence, I am free from the fear of my own not good enoughs' or short comings, because I know it is no longer me doing the doings.

As the images are created through me, I ask that it draws in the person that has been waiting to hear the message that is written through me and attached on the back of the paintings.

As I am selling the work, I witness that people seeking the wellbeing the words offer are drawn perfectly to those images.

We are all so divinely connected. There is so much opportunity to extend thoughts and words of wellbeing to ourselves and others.

When I am not connected to the higher truths and intelligence of the universe, I become heavy and distracted in my own fears and insecurities.

What is your process of connecting daily? How do you overcome not feeling connected? If you have never thought of this concept of connection before, what do you think a good first step would be, to begin to notice a sense of connection to a higher intelligence?

I love hearing from you, please feel free to leave a comment below or message me here.

Love Gracie

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