Did you know you are an amazing artist?

It's True! You can't help it. It's already in you. We are creators by nature. Maybe your art is building homes or baking cakes or even cleaning houses, but indeed, you are an artist.

And hey, just because you don't think you can paint or draw, doesn't mean you can't. All it means is that someone, somewhere down the line told you the lie that you couldn't paint, or draw or colour good, and you believed them.

The thing is, you CAN NOT screw it up.

Look at the image. Just because they didn't colour in the lines has nothing to do with it! Look at that orang and yellow, the motion the texture the energy!

Being an artist, colouring, painting...its about feeling the experience, immersing in the juicy richness of all of those pigments swirling!

There is no "wrong" way to do it! It's not something that can be screwed up or a failure! It's about the willingness to be fully liberated!

Do you remember the moment you thought you couldn't do something? Were you able to overcome?

Do you express yourself in an art form today? What does your innermost artist love to do? Is anything holding you back from doing it?

I love hearing from you. Please feel free to answer in the comments below or email/chat with me here.

Love, Gracie

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