Dreams Manifesting with Prayerful Affirmations

I've had a vision for years now. Ever since I realised how powerful claiming reality in prayerful thoughts and words is, I have wanted to sew little labels of love and worthiness in peoples pockets and labels. I've used writing on the back of my paintings to share affirmative blessings, and now I am witnessing as my images and words are weaving themselves into these beautiful fabrics and accessories.

This dress has a circle claiming harmony and love blessings to all who enter her atmosphere. Most items have blessed reminders in the labels of how loved the wearer is, or woven into the design like these hoodies.

Not only is there loving reminders and blessings on the sleeves and waistband, inside the hood are words to comfort the mind! There was a study about positive words written on the outside of containers containing water, plants being healthier with positive attention...can you imagine how having love letters inscribed in your wardrobe will feel?

Or how carrying them on your shoulder like these backpacks can bless everyone near you?

And how about walking in sacred reminders of the good things coming?

Or doing Yoga and in a twist remembering your inherent lovability as you are, and your intrinsic capacity to love.

The amazing thing is, All of these affirmative prayerful words are exactly how my dreams have came to manifest in my own life. Every morning I begin by giving thanks for how I want the day to be. Which is why I love these prayer mugs so very much!

What is your experience with the miracle of Prayer?

I love hearing from you. Feel free to comment below or message me here.

Love, Gracie

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