Paint by Spirit Message For You

If you were guided here by your Spirit, the message at the end of the video may resonate.

The video is about 15 min, I think you will really enjoy witnessing this experience! At the end I reveal the message I received.

You will receive your own version of the message and I would love to hear what came up for you.

Do you know the faces? Are the images scenes that are familiar, or do they tell a story to you?

The collective conscious is all about our one mind, and at the same time, each human mind is a Fractal of the one mind. Every story and thought that each of us receives is important and valid.

What you are not seeing in the video is my meditation and prayer time, where I ask Spirit to reveal what needs to be seen.

I love hearing from you.

Please feel free to comment here or message/email me.

Love, Gracie

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