Painting as a Meditation

Updated: Jul 25, 2021

After clearing out all the guilt and shame I was carrying around with me for the majority of my life, meditation became part of my momentary practice.

I just couldn't quite get to a place of euphoric meditation with all that shame and guilt swirling within me. It felt like torture to sit and "try" to meditate.

Over time, meditation has come to be part of my moment by moment existence. It may be a key factor as to why my "mental Illness's" appear to be in a permanent remission.

As I awaken in the morning, my brain has been trained to simply begin giving thanks for the whole new life time I get to live in this brand new day.

I came across the theory that I am completely new in any given moment. I find so much peace and potential in realising that I am starting fresh in the morning. It really allows me to prime my day for good things, instead of piggybacking off of any fears I may have cultivated the day prior.

I then give thanks for the feelings of ease the day will bring, for feelings of joy, for feelings of abundance of prosperity, of well being.

As I move through the morning I take time to do more of a formal meditation with breath work that assists me in clearing my mind and experiencing some early morning euphoria.

Throughout the day, as I notice my mind is in any type of complaining state, I can slip into noticing my breath, right where I am, whether I am in conversation with someone or waiting in line or driving, I can weave in and out of awareness of my breath and be the witness of my thinking mind.

This morning I was meditating by the new painting that is coming into being in my studio. In that space of stillness I am receptive to the messages she brings me.

I began to see clearly how constructive painting, or painting with an intention to make an image appear as something, clears my mind, much like meditation. It creates a single point of focus. My mind doesn't wander too many other places. My thinking has a reprieve from day to day things, and I am focused on creating an image that speaks a certain something.

What are your thoughts on meditation? Do you have a meditation practice that works well for you? I love hearing from you. Please feel free to answer in the comments below or email/chat with me here.

Love, Gracie

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