Setting up a Show

This is one of my favourite places to be! The sounds of music in the air, arts and crafts, vendors and food trucks everywhere, in a natural outdoor setting.

To me, it makes me feel alive to be out in the world as the truest version of myself.

I've worked in offices in corporate buildings and felt the rush of climbing the ladder, but to me, there is nothing like the experience of creating with Spirit and witnessing as people are drawn to my tent to flip over the paintings and receive their messages of Love and Grace.

It lights my Soul.

I give the paintings to Great Spirit, I give the tent to Great Spirit, I ask for the perfect people to be lead to me that I can bless and that can bless me. Then I relax and take it easy.

Great Spirit is my employer, my provider, my source, and when I get out of the way, and quiet my mind of its commentary and judgement of how everything is, I can open to receive straight from source.

It's none of my business what people think of my art. It is my duty and responsibility to show up for the things in life that give me joy.

As I show up; I fall more in awe of the goodness of Great Spirit.

With long haul Covid symptoms that have lasted months after my initial diagnosis, I could only paint, a few hours a day before napping to recover. I am so thankful that I love to paint, and that I had the desire to make so much inventory. I am also so thankful for technology as it helped me to sell my work online and supplement my income while I recovered. I am so very thankful for all of you, my collectors, that have helped me through these times.

As I am healing, I am beginning to attend shows. I am noticing that after a show I am down for just about a week until the next, but I imagine soon I will have more endurance as slowly I am regaining my capacity to function.

There are so many so called obstacles that life can bring, but ultimately, they are all pointing us to our highest desires. Being extremely ill assisted a series of events that has led me to the most amazing place in life than I have ever experienced.

Giving thanks in all things has taken so much practice, but truly, it has changed my life.

The prayer cards are an incredible way to begin your morning mind with a clean slate. Just as we cleanse our bodies, our minds need to be cleansed.

These prayer cards were created to assist in morning meditations to begin the mind in the direction of claiming goodness for the day ahead.

It is vital for the well being of a healthy mind. Especially in times of uncertainty. Having a mind that is completely free, every morning, is liberating, and honestly how I have made it through some very intense trials in my life.

How do you maintain your mental well- being?

How is your life centered on the things that truly bring you joy?

I love hearing from you. You can either message me here or comment in the section below.

Love, Gracie

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