Wow! Thank you for all your thoughts on what this painting represents to you. I could identify with each answer.

I wanted to dive a bit deeper and share what it means to me.

I'd love to start with what I wrote for the back of the piece:

"The Fruit

Will you eat this fruit, from the tree of the KNOWLEDGE of Good and Evil?

To sin is not about doing things wrong.

To sin is to believe that there is anything bad or unrighteous or evil in you or anyone else or any situation.

It’s about eating the fruit from the tree of Infinite Grace.

When you realise that there is no good or bad, or right or wrong, you will know this Infinite Grace.

When you can finally let go of thinking you need to be better or more, and that others need to be better or more, you will know the Infinite Joy, of this Infinite Grace.

It can be tempting, to believe the thoughts that are judging all around you as good or bad and right or wrong. It is how our instinct of survival keeps us alive.

Now is the time to awaken and discern, to resist the temptation to think there is anything wrong with you, or others, or what is happening, or what happened in the past, or what could happen in the future;

And breath in the newness and purity in this moment that has risen from the mud, blossoming into the perfection of Now.

It is time to know Infinite Grace. "

As I grew from the Mud like the lotus, overcoming obstacles to receiving loves presence, I came to realise that the only way to keep my mind healthy, is to continuously re-direct my thinking beyond the knowledge of good and evil.

It is the tree of the knowledge of good and evil. It is not the tree of good and evil. It is basically about discerning what is duality, and whether or not it applies to your immediate danger.

The mind will want to hang on to figuring out how wrong it is, how bad it is, how evil it is, how good it is, how right it is, how holy it is; in order to feel a sense of superiority, or inferiority, depending on the perspective you are embodying in the moment.

If it is bad but I am good; alas! I am superior. If it is good but I am bad, Woe No! I am inferior.

Then the brain does a wild swing back and forth and back again to discern if who is inferior or superior.

The Ego doesn't care which one you are; its sole purpose is to IDENTIFY as something....and then to assess who that Identity is in relation to other.

There is so much energy expended to do this dance. It is very helpful in discerning safety, unless it is all happening completely unconscious and pinging in all kinds of PTSD and trauma response. Most of us are pinging that way, if we are over the age of 15. It's just how it all works. We take situations from the past that harmed us and continuously keep a look out for warnings that we might get harmed again. Most of the time, we are doing this completely unaware.

When we are children, before our ego developed, we had no awareness of right wrong, good bad, inferior superior. We did not eat the fruit from that tree, until we were tempted to eat that fruit, by believing what the adults and society were teaching us, about how to be and how we should think, act and feel. Soon we began to develop an understand that "I am not good when I do this and I am bad when I do that. "

That is the sin. To think that ANYTHING we do is UNHOLY....or NOT RIGHT with God, is the sin.

To be righteous means "to be right with God", and we are ALWAYS right with God... unless we think we are not. Then we are sinning. If I think I am right, or Ok, or Good with God, that is the truth. If I think I am wrong, or bad or evil to God, that is the sin.

It's a gigantic unraveling of shame and guilt.

It's a Grand contemplation of how Infinite is Infinity, and How does that apply to Infinite Grace?

How much Unconditionally Loving Acceptance are you willing to receive?

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