Watching Cardinals

I've been sitting in the yard writing in the sunshine and these cardinals are weaving in and out of me chasing each other all over the yard. It just amazes me how much nature is all around us constantly!

I have a little picnic table my dad built me for the squirrels and they feast all throughout the day, sitting on the little bench, eating their seeds and peanuts and chattering at my cat.

It's in little moments like this that I am so wildly aware of the profound layers of this reality.

I am working on another book, the first one was just released and available on amazon it's also available in the shop here on this website.

The first book is all my published prints and their corresponding writing. I received my copy the other day and opened perfectly to the page that made me burst into tears of inspiration and gratitude. It is truly so wonderful to have all the words and images in one package!

I became very inspired to write another book with some of the more ethereal images that are in my vault of paintings. The images are the paintings created as I communicate with spirit meditatively. I pull out images from within the paint creating an emotional abstract of ethereal details swirling on the paper or canvas. I have found images from many different times in my life, all passionately depicting states of my psyche.

To me, it best describes how I see the layers of reality.

As I sat outside today I couldn't help but feel the profound layers of reality that the paintings describe.

Although the paranoia of psychosis has long since been removed from me, the knowing I received in those states of consciousness is still within me. I see life and reality a certain way now, and I am looking forward to sharing my insights with you as this next book unravels.

Thank you with all my heart for this journey we are on together!

I have really enjoyed all the positive feedback from those of you that have received their copies of the book and I am so happy that a little piece of my big heart is in your home, and the hands of those you love and care about.

Love, Gracie (ps below is a video of the little squirrel eating his picnic lunch)

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