World Peace

I don't watch any news channels, however the news of the world still reaches me. I recently heard the word "war" and many fearful comments as people described to me how it will affect so many things, from prices of goods and gas, to of course the terror of war and death.

So, of course, I knew immediately I needed to paint through my processing of this news.

The very first thing I saw in my minds' eye as I asked Spirit to guide me with this process, was lifiting the world up in prayer.

I know there are many theories of who has the power and control over the world, and yes, there are some powerful forces that make these decisions for me, about going to war. I can honestly say that war is the very last thing I would ever think of as a solution to conflict; yet, humans tend to go to war every so often.

I look at what is happening in the outside world and see if I can bring it back in. How am I at war with myself and others? How do I seek out conflict to gain power and control?

I know that my mind will often make quick judgements, or long drawn out ones to see if I am superior or inferior in any given experience that feels to be a threat to me.

I also believe that focusing on peace, and how much peace is all around me, and how much harmony there is in the world; is the quickest way to resolve this war. I am in no way saying that the war should be ignored, or dismissed...I have this knowing, that the highest form of prayer is to envision the world in perfect harmony and spend much of my time imagining the swift resolution of whatever it is they are fighting about.

I think it is so interesting that I could ask 100's of people here and there and all over the world that have no desire to hurt the families and fellow humans in war...and yet, the war is brewing as if we all wanted it.

I am painting this peace as I pray, and my prayer is to see a world unified and at peace.

The offset or balance of this world is the peace. The peace has to be here : equally.

As I move through my day; I will be noticing the peace all around me, and I will be imagining peaceful interactions all over the world.

Peace be with You.

Love Gracie

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